Advertise Business with Commercial Vehicle Wraps and Graphics

Commercial Vehicle Wrap

How do you advertise your business with a commercial vehicle wrap? This simple step-by-step guide will help you learn everything you need to plan out your vinyl graphics or decals for your business. Get the most value from your wrap by planning carefully with our team in Miami, FL.

Why Do You Need a Commercial Vehicle Wrap?

Before you invest in vinyl graphics or decals you should know precisely what you want from them. Your goals should determine your design and every step of the process. So which advantages can you get from your vehicle wrap? Here are some things to consider:

· Improve brand awareness.

· Increase your authority.

· Advertise in a local area.

· Make your fleet look consistent.

· Deepen your brand identity.

· Improve brand name recall.

· Market-specific services or products.

Vehicle wraps can achieve multiple purposes at once, so keep that in mind while you are deciding your priorities.

What Are Your Wrap Options?

You also have options when it comes to the coverage that your wrap has on the vehicle. Here are the main types of wraps:

· Custom vehicle lettering: This is simply adding lettering to the vehicle and not applying a wrap with a graphic design. The lettering can be large or small and placed anywhere on the vehicle.

· Full vehicle wrap: A full vehicle wrap covers the entire vehicle, except for the glass. It makes the most impact and completely changes the vehicle’s color.

· Partial vehicle wrap: These cover only half or so of the vehicle. They will not cover all of the paint of the vehicle so coordinating with the base color is important.

How Do You Get a Great Design?

Commercial vehicle wraps are only as successful as their design. When you are looking for inspiration for your design, consider the following elements:

· Intense colors, especially your brand colors.

· Texture effects to add interest.

· Highly quality graphics of people or products.

· Arrows, lines, and other elements suggest movement.

· Font size that is large enough to be read while in motion.

Get Professional Help with Your Vehicle Wraps or Lettering

Your last step should be to reach out to the professionals at Major League Signs to get help with your wrap planning and design process. We can help you narrow down your goals, get a great design, and choose the right wrap type for the vehicle of your fleet. If you’re in Miami, contact us today.

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