A-Frame Signs

Miami businesses are always looking for effective ways to drive more customers in. There are a lot of fantastic options on the market, from digital message boards to neon signs. However, there is still a lot of value from choosing a simple sign solution such as an A-Frame sign.

What Is A-Frame Sign?

A-Frame sidewalk signs, also known as sandwich board signs, are two boards that are folded out into a sturdy “A” shape. They are an effective way to attract foot traffic and encourage more walk-ins.

The cost of A-Frame signs is relatively low, making it an affordable and convenient option for any Miami business. They are portable and easily moved to positions where you can get maximum visibility during the day.

If you are looking for an A-Frame sign manufacturer in Miami, Major League Signs can make durable signs for you. We have a wide selection of quality A-Frame business signs that can help point Miami customers your way.

Portable A-frame sidewalk signs for business in Miami, FL
Sidewalk promotional signs for business in Miami, FL

Uses of A-Frame Signs

Sandwich boards are versatile and have plenty of different uses. Though commonly seen outside restaurants and pubs, a lot of other businesses have found A-Frame signs helpful for their business needs.

Sidewalk advertising is probably its most common application. Cafes and restaurants make good use of outdoor A-Frame signs to let customers know their specials for the day. They are a great way to entice passersby with various food and drink offerings.

A-Frame signs are also used as directional signs during events such as big store sales or trade shows. They help manage the flow of traffic and guide visitors to key venue areas such as restrooms and parking.

When you need an effective sign to convey a message, sandwich boards are an ideal choice. They can effectively promote different products and services to people passing by. Also, they can be used to display important business information. Safety signs are a good example. 


Types of A-Frame Signs

When you search for “A-Frame signs near me,” you will find a lot of available options to choose from in Miami. Such examples include: 

You can also opt to do changeable letter signs where you can conveniently assemble whatever message you need to put out. These, plus chalkboard signs, can have permanent decals that reflect your brand name. 

Custom sidewalk signs for restaurant in Miami, FL

Top A-Frame Sign Printing in Miami

Does your location get a lot of foot traffic? Custom A-Frame signs are the perfect option to invite more people in. Major League Signs has a team of experts that can make sandwich boards that suit your business needs. We produce high-quality, durable signs that last.

We are a full-service company that can provide any sign solution for your business, from indoor sign to custom graphics. Our sign experts can deliver any sign project, big or small.

Get Miami customers to notice you today with A-Frame signs! Contact us to speak to one of our specialists free of charge. 


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