3 Types of Indoor Signs Your Business Must Have!

Custom Interior Signs for Business

Signs play a key role in driving your Miami, FL business to success. Outdoor signs increase your visibility and get customers through your doors. Interior signs, on the other hand, create an experience that determines if customers will stay.

The signs inside your space are your silent customer service and sales representatives. They help provide important information. This enables customers to have a more pleasant experience. For example, customers have an easier time navigating your space through directional cues from these signs.

There are plenty of indoor signs that you can choose from. Here are 3 types of signs that you shouldn’t miss!

Lobby Signs

These are signs that welcome visitors and customers into your space. They are the first sign customers see upon entering. Lobby or reception signs usually display your business name and logo. This tells customers right off the bat that they reached the right place.

The signs in your lobby area are an essential addition to your space. They help you create a positive first impression. When customers see your signs, they know that you are a business that they can trust.

Popular examples of these signs include:

  1. Acrylic signs
  2. Dimensional letters
  3. Metal signs
  4. Channel letters
  5. Wall graphics

Acrylic Signs

Acrylic is one of the most versatile sign options available. It can be used in different ways inside your space. Acrylic sheets, for example, can be printed with your business name and logo. It gives out a classic yet sophisticated look. This lets you create a more professional image for your customers.

Acrylic can also be laser-cut to create dimensional letters and signs. It can be customized in different ways, from color, size, thickness, and more. This is ideal if you want a sign that spells out your business’ name following your font style.

These signs are perfect for:

  • Lobby Signs
  • Door Signs
  • ADA Signs
  • Hanging Signs

Floor Graphics

One of the most underrated indoor spaces for marketing is your floors. These wide areas can have printed vinyl adhesives applied to them. When decorated, your floors are a valuable marketing tool that can:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Advertise products and services
  • Point customers towards in-store deals
  • Manage the flow of foot traffic
  • Give important directional cues

Floor graphics are made with high-quality vinyl material that is scratch-resistant and waterproof. They also have a nonslip feature. This ensures the safety of anyone walking by, even if you have a large sign on your floors.

Your Trusted Sign Partner in Miami, FL

Make sure customers feel comfortable and confident from the moment they enter until they leave. Create a memorable impression with the right signs today!

Here at Major League Signs, we deliver high-quality interior sign solutions for your business needs. We offer a wide range of sign options for indoor use. Our team delivers signs that are not only functional but also elevate your store or office space.

Contact us today with your indoor sign needs and get a complimentary quote from our team!

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